Fl-Shoo (seasonal wellness)


Take three times a week during flu season.  Contains certified organic Olive Leaf extract and homeopathic remedy’s.  Contained in an easy to use 50ml oral spray.  Suitable for over 1’s.



Influenza is a serious and at times life threatening condition.  Please seek qualified medical advice if you think you may have the symptoms of influenza.

Manutuke Herbs Fl-Shoo contains a combination of certified organic herb and homeopathic remedies.  Created by qualified homeopaths.  Contained in a 50ml liquid spray easy to use remedy.

Suitable for ages above 1 year old.

Herbal: Certified organic : Olive Leaf .  Homeopathic: Oscillococcinum | Aconite Gelsemium | Bryoni | Eupatorium | and
Ars alb 30c in glycerine.

Use during flu season.  Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.

Many of the ingredients are mentioned in the article from the British Homeopathic Association.



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