Calm (Rescue)



A homeopathic remedy similar to Rescue remedy. Manutuke Herbs ‘Calm’ is an easy to administer oral spray based in glycerine (no alcohol) and can be safely used by people who have panic and anxiety issues. Manutuke Herbs ‘Calm’ is perfect for your school bag for exams or your hand luggage while traveling etc. Keeping in mind you are your own Dr. Manutuke Herbs ‘Calm’ can be taken any time you are feeling you need it. Manutuke Herbs also has a body balm based in beeswax that can be applied to the temples or massaged into the body to help ease muscle tension. Manutuke Herbs ‘Calm Body’ is a base of grapeseed oil, beeswax and lavender essential oil.

Manutuke Herbs rates this product as one of its best sellers. It can be safely used with other medication and will naturally support normal emotional responses.

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Homeopathic: Aconite| Arg Nit | Cimicifuga | Gelsemium | Ignatia| Arnica| Bellis| Phosphorus | Pulsatilla | Nux Vom in 6x, 60x and 30c potency in a vegetable glycerine base (sweet tasting)