Always read the label of any supplements or natural health products
and use only as directed. Homeopathics, Vitamins and Minerals are
supplementary to and not a replacement for a balanced diet.
Consult a health care professional if symptoms persist.
How are your products administered?
Less is best.  Follow the guidelines on the bottle. We expect a change quickly (within hours to a day) if there is no change within 3 days STOP and get back in touch with us. General guidelines for baby to toddlers, and small animals – 2 sprays twice daily for 2 days.  Stop and re-administer as required. Adults and large animals – 4 sprays up to 3 times daily for 3 days. Stop and assess. If improved reduce dose to only as required. If no change discontinue and get in touch with us.
Are all of your products safe to use when pregnant and on babies?
We advise on our labels when a product is not safe in pregnancy or where honey is used (Plunket does not recommend honey be given to children under 1 years). In these cases we have under 1 year options (without honey).
Why are some product descriptions vague?
Most of you will be aware that the regulations covering natural health products prevent manufacturers from making medical or health claims about what is featured in our product range. If you find descriptions a bit vague it is because we cannot say any more. You can however ask a practitioner or Google information on the herbs and homeopathic remedies we use in our products.