Exma Eze cream120g


Feed your skin naturally

A combination formula with organic herbal tinctures, plant based cream, soothing infused oils with herbs, homeopathic remedies and essential oil of Manuka.  Your skin will love you!

Organic, natural and soothing.  Can be used on any part of the body by any age group – human or animal.  Can be used on all types of skin.

Also available in larger 300gm jar HERE.

Exma Eze can be used alongside Manutuke Herbs L-ER-G spray also HERE.


Exma Eze cream contains herbal tinctures (certified organic – or spray free) and homeopathic remedy’s in a natural vegetable oil base. Apply as often as needed to all types of skin.

Remember creams do not fix the cause, this cream aims to ease excema symptoms. Made and sold by Qualified Health Practitioners. Please seek medical attention and diagnoses if you are unsure what symptoms you are wanting to treat.

Exma Eze Ingredients: Vegetable glucate, Certified organic herbs: Golden Seal, Calendula, Gota Kola, Avena Sativa.  Herb: Kumarahou. Oils of St John’s Wort, Calendula, Borage, Hemp Seed and essential oils of Manuka Oil.  Homeopathic Graph and Sulp 6x.

For more information about the difference between creams and balms from practitioners who are medically trained to know the different effects products have go to https://www.manutukeherbs.co.nz/the-difference-between-ointments-and-creams-which-is-best-for-me/

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