Honey & Herbs Viral Mix 200ml



A mixture of herbs, homeopathy and organic manuka honey (*). This viral mix can be used as a maintenance during cold/flu season and is popular with healthcare workers being exposed to viruses. Can be taken acutely when symptoms are present. Can be used by anyone over the age of one year (unlike pharmaceutical products) and will not sedate. *Contains HONEY which is not suitable for under 1 year olds.

Contains Lavender – some people are sensitive to Lavender.  Contains honey and propolis.  If you are sensitive to bees you may want to take this into account.  We can make you a specific without these ingredients in it – for no extra charge – just ask!

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Ingredients. Herbal: Multi floral Honey | Kumerahou | Thyme | Licorice | Ginger | Fenugreek | Lavender |
*Contains HONEY which is not suitable for under 1 year olds.

Homeopathic: Aconite | Eupatorium | Anas Barb | Belladonna | Gelsenium | Pulsatilla and Congestion Mix 6x 60x and 30c potency in vegetable glycerine


This remedy is suitable for colds / flu and potentially long-term covid symptoms.

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  1. Manutuke Herbs

    Kristal Robinson recommends Honey & Herb Viral Mix. “My babies and I LOVE the viral mix which helps when you work in child care!!” ?? July 2019

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