Dosage Guidelines

Baby's And Under 1's

1 spray in mouth or if breastfeeding on the nipple before a feed


2 sprays in the mouth or into a ¼ cup of water


4 sprays in the mouth


2 sprays in the mouth or on food


10 sprays to a ltr of water.

Acute Pain
(severe, i.e just broken a bone or got a beesting): every 15 mins for one hour. Stop and assess. If symptoms have improved use again when your symptoms return i.e. 4 sprays hourly.
(have had symptoms more then a couple of days) twice daily until improved. Re-introduce if required. Can be taken more often if required i.e. 6 times daily for hayfever/sinus.
General Guidelines

You are your own Dr. You know your body better than me. Take your remedy as and when you feel you need to. When you do not need it, do not use it.

Storage Guidelines
Do not store in the fridge, keep somewhere cool. Remedies have a 5 year expiry date.
Organic Ingredients

Were possible Manutuke Herbs uses certified organic herbs in its manufacture. This is not always possible however due to availability. We do however ensure that all of our base product ingredients are either certified organic / spray free or ethically produced.