Scooty Kooty


Scooty Kooty is a natural nit solution that is applied to the hair parting and makes your scalp un-inviting to headlice. No stinky smells but a lovely scent of lavender. No horrible shampoos or leaving product on overnight, just an easy to use spray applicator.

Based in tincture of Staphasgria (diluted using German Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia standards) this remedy should be used as a preventative measure where frequent episodes of infestations are occuring i.e. pre-schools/schools/swimming pools etc.

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At the end of the day we can’t make everyone de-lice their family, but by using a product that will help deter kooty’s from your family is the way to go. 20ml bottle with only 5 sprays required per dose for each family member daily for the first 5 days. Then maintain once or twice a week if needing to Scooty Kooty’s.

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No nasty smells, no nasty chemicals. Scooty Kooty includes essential oil of Lavender in a homeopathic remedy for head lice.  Best used as a maintenance when head lice is notified at school.  Spray onto wet or dry hair and comb through.  Do this three times a week.

If head lice present, spray through using a nit comb to remove live lice.  Repeat daily for 4 days then go onto maintenance dose listed above.

Easy to apply – not stinky – and no nasty chemicals!

Ingredients: Staphasgria with essential oil of lavender.