Arnica Cream



Arnica is a popular remedy that is available in both a herbal and homeopathic base.

Herbally Arnica comes in the form of creams and lotions. Many people use Arnica in this form for bruising and aches and pains. Herbal Arnica cannot be applied to broken wounds as it may cause infection as its uptake into the blood system is very fast – were wounds are unclean this could lead to infection. Herbal Arnica is also poisonous and should not be taken orally; it would also cause bleeding if large volumes were ingested. This is highly unlikely as the taste of herbal Arnica is horrible and it would take someone with no taste buds to drink a large amount of Arnica.

Homeopathic Arnica is extremely safe and will NOT cause infections or increased bleeding. This is because it has been diluted so that none of the poisonous substance remains. It is common for health practitioners to get confused about the different forms of Arnica. If you are booked in for surgery check with your anatheitis first about their thoughts on Arnica.