L-ER-G 50ml spray


L-ER-G a herbal and homeopathic mix suitable for change of season and environmental triggers.

Easy to administer and pleasant to taste.  Suitable for 1 year and above.

Used for over 15 years in the Gisborne region L-ER-G is one of Manutuke Herbs top selling products.

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Symptoms of hayfever include a runny noise, itchy throat, watery eyes, itchy skin, cough, sneezing, postnasal drip, fatigue to name a few.

Other problems that are worsened by seasonal allergies are:

Asthma | Ear infections | Sinusitis | Sleep | being less productive

Having these symptoms can make you feel miserable and often recommended products in pharmacies have drowsy or sedative effects on the body, making them not suitable during pregnancy or for use by baby’s, young children and for anyone who wants to be alert for what they are doing.

Manutuke Herbs L-ER-G is does not sedate or cause drowsiness.  Is suitable for all ages and safe during pregnancy. By using Manutuke Herbs L-ER-G other problems associated by seasonal allergies may be reduced or limited.

Manutuke Herbs L-ER-G is combination spray remedy of herbs and homeopathy.  L-ER-G is easy to administer in it’s liquid spray form and suitable for change of season symptoms or when sensitivity to the environment is the cause of physical symptoms.

Sprayed in the mouth or on the skin (if needed) this remedy tastes pleasant and is easy to administer. As this remedy contains herbs it is best used by 1 year and above.  If you would like the same remedy based in glycerine only please get in contact with us.

Using the like cures like approach which Homeopathy is known for, Manutuke Herbs L-ER-G contains homeopathic allergens such as a mixture of grass pollens and plantain, house dust mite allergen, animal and  dander and a natural histamine.  This formula may enable your body to tolerate these allergens therefore not over responding to them.

Ingredients Herbal contents: Eyebright | Licorice | Kumerahou | Burdock | Fenugreek | Nettles Homeopathic contents: Apis | Allium Cepa | House Dust Mite | Animal Hair | Histamine | Mixed Pollens | Wynethia | Sabadilla | Pulsatilla | Blatta | Luffa in 6x, 60x and 30c potency in a vegetable glycerine base.

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