Kawakawa & Kumerahou Cream 120g

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This smooth mixture of Kawakawa and Kumerahou cream combines the benefits of Kawakawa as a drawing agent and healer with Kumerahou which helps support normal healthy skin were mutated cells may be causing damage. Kumerahou was studied in the 1970’s for its benefits in skin cancer. Based in a natural cream base of rosehip, calendula and manuka oils this cream may help with skin discolourations, damaged cells and where deep healing is needed.


Kumerahou: Used traditionally as a hair shampoo, when water is applied to the flowers it creates a soapy texture.  This is a great cleanser internally and was suggested by a practitioner in the 1960’s in Auckland to help with mutated skin cells and aid them to heal.  You will find Kumerahou in several of Manutuke Herbs oral products.  We consider Kumerahou to be an amazing cleansing and soothing herb.

Kawakawa is a NZ favourite herb.  At Manutuke Herbs we have our own Kawakawa grove so we don’t take from the bush.  Our Kawakawa plants grow in spray free organic soil and are shaded by an ancient native tree which gives them the shade they thrive in.  We have plenty of caterpillars that love Kawakawa and give it that extra bit of magic (potency) that is now famous for making the plant more therapeutic.

Other plants in this base are Manuka, calendula and borage which we steep in oil to extract the goodness.  This cream takes a month of preparation before it is handed to you.  We hope you enjoy it as much as our other clients do.

2 reviews for Kawakawa & Kumerahou Cream 120g

  1. Manutuke Herbs

    Carole Tioko Marsh recommends Kawakawa & Kumerahou Cream. “It has done wonders to what was ailing me Amanda – all cleared up – so happy.” – December 2019

  2. Sandy RIMMER (verified owner)

    Amazing cream. It healed my very bad eczema, relieving the intense itching. In the process it has improved my overall skin appearance, have been using it on my face and neck. Wrinkles and blemishes diminished and overall appearance amazing😍

    • Manutuke Herbs

      Thanks Sandy. So glad the cream has helped.

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