Muscle & Joint (Oral spray)


Available in 50ml or 100ml oral spray.

This is a very popular product with clients ranging from athletes, body work practitioners and their clients, people exercising to the aged with aches and pains. Manutuke Herbs ‘Muscle & Joint’ is an easy to use oral homeopathic spray that is safe to use by people with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, pre-post surgery and general muscular pains. This remedy will NOT interact with anti-inflammatory or pain medications prescribed by your GP.
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Homeopathic contents: Arn | Berb | Bry | Bellis | Capsicum | China | Calc Phos | Hypericum | Lyco | Nux Vomica | Ruta | Rhus | Rhod | Symphytum | Sarc Acid in 6x, 60x and 30c potency in a vegetable glycerine base (sweet tasting)

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100ml, 50ml