Apple Cider Vinegar (organic) with infused with Kawakawa 500ml glass bottle


Slightly peppery but still the full flavour of apple cider vinegar.

Manutuke Herbs Kawakawa Apple Cider Vinegar is based in Certified Organic NZ Apple Cider Vinegar.

This restorative tonic is both cleansing, settling and balancing.  Enjoy hot or cold, on salads or as a drink.  Kawakawa has been traditionally valued for it’s cleansing and as a tonic for the kidneys.

Caution: Taken straight Apple Cider Vinegar is not good for you.  You must dilute.  If you have severe kidney issues or a potassium imbalance please speak to your Dr. before taking Apple Cider Vinegar.


500mls of delicious certified organic apple cider vinegar infused with Kawakawa YUMMY !

Grown and made in New Zealand !  Ka pai

Uses for Manutuke Herbs Apple Cider Vinegar with Kawakawa include:

  • drinks
  • washing hair
  • adding to foods
  • improving skin condition
  • salad dressings
  • drinking 30 mins before bed is suitable for people with acid reflux or indigestion which is worse laying down
  • Gargle for sore throats (needs to be diluted).
  • antibacterial benefits
  • cholesterol
  • sugar levels