VERMIS oral spray


Natural worming / parasite cleanse.  Used once a month, for four days leading up to the full moon.
Can be added to food or directly into the mouth.


Once a month using the gravity of the moon (4 days before full moon) spray twice a day for four days each month.  A mixture of herbs and homeopathics that will not disrupt the natural balance of parasites but assist the body with an over abundance of pesky parasites.

When children (and adults) are more moody, irritable, grinding teeth, picking their noses more or have itchy bottoms.  Its time to treat the whole family.  Eggs can fall from underclothes, get into bedding and get passed around easily.  If you have family pets that sleep in beds or on furniture – you need to worm your pets too.  The trouble with some pharamceutical options are that they can cause the liver damage.  Natural worming remedy’s are known to not cause harm.  Remember when you are worming the household to wash all bedding in hot water when possible and vaccum often.  If your child has a high worm count and is really itchy get them to change their underclothes in the bathroom standing on a towel and gather all of the materials up and hot wash them.  Do this as a daily routine for a good week while treating them.  Wash down floors with apple cider vinegar mixed into hot water.  Other sign of worms can be restlessness and sleep issues, sometimes wetting the bed.  Threadworms are the most common in NZ and are not as bad as some of the other types of worms, so unless you have done lots of travelling overseas it is likely to be a threadworm issue.  Threadworms cannot be caught from animals.  You are more likely to catch them at school, childcare facilities, holding hands, touching door handles etc.

The most common ways is to look for worms on the outside surface of bowel motions (these resemble fine pieces of cotton thread, up to 1.5cm long) Also look for moving worms or eggs around the anus about an hour after the child has gone to bed. Using a torch, worms should be visible to the naked eye. These eggs resemble tiny white specks which are laid by the female worm.

Hookworms can also be an issue and can cause anaemia,  Roundworm can cause symptoms of wheeziness.  Remember you can have worms and have no symptoms.

Worms are highly contagious – it is not a sign that a person has poor health standards, so don’t feel bad if you or your family get worms.  Most of us have them.  Just treat them!

Manutuke Herbs Vermis comes in an easy to use 50ml oral spray and contains certified organic herbal tincture of wormwood and homeopathic combination remedy vermis 30c.

Can be used by all age groups but not recommended during pregnancy.

Can also be used on domestic pets and livestock.

The following has been taken from a bio-dynamic website permis.com

“According to a traditional French practice, deworming treatments are performed preferably when there is a new moon. The worms are more active at this time and therefore easier to dislodge. On the other hand, Rudolf Steiner, the father of biodynamic agriculture, recommends performing deworming treatments during a full moon.”

For Animals on the property:  The most successful assessments to collect fecal samples between . . . the new-to-full moon phases, when parasite egg-laying is at its peak. 

Drench animals for internal parasites, on an empty stomach with, for example, garlic and cider vinegar. (48 hours before Full Moon).

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