Adrenal Elixir 50ml



A herbal and homeopathic product safe for normal cortisol response during times of long term stress. Safe for people who are exhausted and sick often due to feeling run down. Also safe for people who feel stressed and find it hard to sleep or relax.
This product contains homeopathic Silica and is not recommended for people with pacemakers or foreign objects in their body (IUD’s etc) or during pregnancy.


Herbal contents: Oats | Gotu Kola | Rosemary | Liquorice | Siberian Ginseng | Gingko | Fenugreek
Homeopathic contents: Phos Ac | Lycopodium | Gelsemium | Carbo Veg | Ignatia | Pulsatilla | Sepia | Silica | Cortisol in 30c potency in vegetable glycerine.