Restless Legs & Cramping


This remedy can be used by people who suffer with restless legs and cramping at night or during the day. Restless legs can be a real problem for some people and sometimes magnesium supplementation alone does not help.
Manutuke Herbs ‘Restless Legs’ is an easy to administer oral spray that is ideally kept beside the bed / or in the bag for when these symptoms strike. A mixture of homeopathic and herbal remedies that are safe to use in conjunction with all other forms of medication.

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Ingredients Herbal contents: Ginger | Cayenne | Black Cohosh | Nettles.
Homeopathic contents: Cuprum Ars | Rhus Tox | Bryonia | Arsenicum | Aconite | Phosphorus |Tarent | Sulph in 6x, 60x and 30c potency in a vegetable glycerine base (sweet tasting)

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100ml, 50ml