Sleep (Oral spray)


Contains organic certified Valerian as a base and homeopathic remedies for calm minds. Sometimes getting to sleep is hard when our minds are racing with ideas of the day’s events or planning tomorrows. Manutuke Herbs ‘Sleep’ can be safely used by people who are taking medication and by adults and young children who find their sleeping patterns have become un-healthy for them. This remedy is discontinued once a ‘normal’ sleeping pattern has occurred, and can be re-introducing if needed.

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Ingredients Herbal: Valerian
Homeopathic contents: Arnica | Phos | Aconite | Nux Vomica | Daphine | Tabacum | Avena Sativa | Lyco | Coffea | Ignatia | Passiflora in 6x, 60x and 30c potency in a vegetable glycerine base.

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100ml, 50ml