Grazing care – Spring pasture grazing should be managed particularly close for the health of our equine friends.


Grass Staggers can been seen in grazing animals at this time of year due to the rapidly growing grass and deficiency of magnesium in both rye grasses and the soil which is exacerbated by increased levels of potassium in feed and fertilisers. Manutuke Herbs Stag-ga remedy can help support normal absorption and elimination of toxins and minerals and support gut function and relaxation of muscles. For horse riders it may help calm horses who get #GrassAffected, seen as un-characteristic excitability, aggression or spookiness. Administering Stag-ga can help calm the over-active mind and nervous system.



Ticks – Damp weather that keeps soil moist and warmer temperatures provides the perfect breeding conditions for Ticks. With Spring pasture growth ticks climb to the top of grass heads and jump onto passing stock, biting down and causing animals irritation and in severe infestations significant blood loss. Be sure to check your animals for these #bloodsuckingparasites.




More rain, more sun, more grass! Horses and Ponies who don’t have an ‘off’ switch can gorge themselves on Spring pasture which can be full of sugars and endophytes, within rye grasses, causing inflammation and in severe cases laminitis. Laminitis is a break down of the laminae (soft tissues) that connect the pedal bone to the hoof wall. Our Hoof Health remedy can help support the horse to process grass sugars and support over-all hoof health.

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