Over the past few weeks we have been harvesting the last of our borage. Used medicinally in ancient times to incite courage and bravery (which comes in handy when braving the cold, wet weather!) and to also bring about joy and merriment!
We use certified organic borage and borage oil in a number of our products including our Manutuke Herbs Kawakawa Balm & Ointment, our Lip Balms and our Exma Ease Cream.

Borage is high in vitamins C and A, is a good source of iron and omega-6 fatty acid γ -linolenic acid (GLA). It has also been used for centuries in the treatment of inflammatory skin conditions and arthritis conditions.

The Good Oil on Borage oil:

1) Rheumatoid Arthritis
Borage oil shows promise in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune disorder marked by inflammation in the lining of the joints, according to a research review published in 2000. Although most of the data on borage oil’s effectiveness come from test-tube and animal research, several small studies indicate that borage oil may ease tenderness and swelling in people with rheumatoid arthritis.

2) Eczema
In a 2003 study of 140 adults and children with eczema, researchers found no significant difference between those who took borage oil supplements for 12 weeks and those who took a placebo capsule for the same amount of time. An earlier study of 160 patients found that 24 weeks of treatment with borage oil supplements failed to have a significant effect on eczema.

Borage is very easy to grow and is a great pollinator plant, attracting bees to your garden. It is a annual but self-seeds each year providing you with plants year after year. Try growing borage in your garden and harvest flowers and young leaves to add to salads, steam for a veggie dish, add to soups or make into a refreshing spritzer.