Lavender Cream 120g


120g Natural cream base with herbal tincture certified organic Lavender and NZ grown essential oil of Lavender.

Crisp fresh and clean smelling, natures natural antiseptic.

Ideal present for someone with everything! Can be used on all areas of the body and all skin types.  Perfect for massaging into the temples before sleep for extra relaxation.  Can be massaged into the feet and pulse points too.

Please note in very rare cases some people are reactive to Lavender.  Check this out before purchasing.


Manutuke Herbs Lavender Cream is light and refreshing in scent.  We are proud to source our Lavender oil in NZ.

Enjoy a natural cream base with no nasty additives – which enables you to use this cream as a full body cream (anywhere on the body fine).

Lavender has long been used and known for it’s natural antiseptic properties and is ideal for use on insect bites, sunburn, cuts and blemishes.  Brilliant for massaging into the feet, temples or pulse points before bed for extra relaxation.

A great gift for someone who has everything, as it can be used for many different purposes.


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