What in your cupboard treats blood pressure, heart attacks, stops cuts bleeding instantly, and helps you loose weight?


The Benefits of Capsicum have long been known but new research shows it to be a miracle spice for regulating both high and low blood pressure within two weeks of taking it!

A Dr in the United States become famous for his ability to stop heart attacks instantly – how – a drink of Cayenne Pepper in warm water!

To date there have been no recorded side effects of people introducing Cayenne as a therapy into their daily diet.
Why not give it a try to regulate blood pressure, lose some weight, help reduce cholesterol and tone up your veins.
You can even apply it to an open bleeding wound and it will stop the bleeding instantly or sprinkle a little into your shoes if you get chilly toes in winter.

Dosage for drinking: ½ teaspoon building up to 1 teaspoon twice a day in a short glass of warm water. Get another glass of water close by as this is hot stuff, but I promise you will survive it and within a minute the heat is gone from your mouth.