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Used and loved by our Gisborne customers – Skin Hair and Nail Health is now available on our webstore.

This remedy can be used by breastfeeding mum’s but NOT during pregnancy due to its Silica and Thuja contents.  Ideal for work people who have damaged hands, and gardeners and people who love being outside or in the water with brittle hair and damaged skin.  Consider adding a little gelatine into your daily diet also as this is rich in collagen which can be beneficial also.




Brittle easily breaking nails.  Flaking or slow growing.  Nails are a way to gauge your general state of health – some serious chronic nail conditions can indicate a need to visit your GP for a check up.

This natural easy to use oral spray includes certified organic herb and homoeopathic remedy’s to work with your body in supporting normal health nail growth – and it doesn’t taste too bad either !

WARNING: DO NOT TAKE IF PREGNANT. Contains Silica and Thuja.
4 sprays in the mouth twice daily  for four days. Maintain with every Monday and Thursday until desired results achieved. Can then be used one day a week.

Contains: Herbal: Horsetail.  Homeopathic: Silica, Minerals, Fluoric acid, Thuja in a glycerine base.


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  1. Manutuke Herbs

    After hearing about the “Skin, hair and nails” spray and my friend’s recommendation of Manutuke Herbs, when I was in Gisborne last September I visited the store and got some for myself. My hair was damaged and broken, matting up and dry and my nails which had always been strong and healthy were brittle, breaking and splitting….. thanks peri menopause!! ? I’ve been using the “Skin Hair and Nails” spray since the beginning of September 2019 and now look at my nails! No splitting, no brittleness or breaking. My hair is the same – thicker, softer and hydrated – my hairdresser was amazed. Thank you!!!
    Helen Cossey recommends Manutuke Herbs.
    February 5 2020

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