Horse & Rider First Aid Kit


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A handy, take anywhere First Aid Kit for those times when things go wrong. Great pack for horse and rider!

Kit includes product instruction sheet and remedy dosage on labels. (Sprayed direct to mouth, feed or trough).

Kit contents (7ml spray bottles):
Arnica (for knocks & shocks), Calm (for stress), Hoof Health, Muscle & Joint, Vermis (for worming) and Calendula Oil (for cuts and wounds).


Arnica – No. 1 remedy for accidents, shock, physical exhaustion. Should be a first choice after most accidents, injuries or physical ordeals to treat soft tissue bruises and injuries. (Also for people use).

Calm – For animals who get nervous or scared, or heightened senses in times of stress. Consider when showing, travelling or during Fireworks season. (Also for people use).

Hoof health – For animals that needed additional mineral support and assistance during the dry season for wear and tear. For animals that have flaky, easily splitting hooves.

Muslce & Joint – Used for muscle and joint aches and pains and stiffness. (Also for people use).

Vermis – Natural worming / parasite cleanse. (Also for people use).

Calendula Oil 50ml – For grazes, cuts and bruising on broken skin. (Also for people use).