Flea / Tick powder


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Safe, no nasty chemicals, easy to use flea/tick powder for animals.

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Sprinkle onto bedding and around favourite spots for sleeping and / or rub into the coat of your animal as part of your flea treatment.  Works well with all other treatment options.  This treatment contains herbs known to assist with deterring flea’s and diatomaceous earth that breaks down the shell of the flea body (killing it).  Diatomaceous earth is rich with silica and is safe when ingested – some companies recommend it.  Repeat the process daily for 7 days then once a week for best results.

Ingredients: Diatomaceous Earth / Wormwood / Rosemary / Thyme and homeopathic Pulex (fleas) or if treating Ticks (Tick Nosode).


NOTE:  let us know in the notes section when ordering if you are treating ticks or fleas or both and we will add the additional remedy for that.


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