We are fortunate to be able to operate our prescription and dispensary service while adhering to the strict measures of operation under level 3 with one staff member working at each of our two dispensary sites.

Our home-based dispensary in the BOP is taking online orders and is distributing through-out New Zealand. However, due to air freight restrictions we are not able to send to Australia at this time. For our NZ customers please allow up to 3 days for your order to be delivered as NZ Post work through high demand.
Our Gisborne dispensary is closed for face to face customers but we are operating our prescription and dispensary service. As a supplier to Pharmacies, Medical practitioners, Midwives and DHB providers we are able to provide these services.

If you have any questions or concerns our practitioners can help with prescriptions over the phone or via email or facebook facebook.com/manutuke.herbs/ and instagram instagram.com/manutukeherbs/

Esther from our Gisborne dispensary is available on 06 868 1321, Mon-Fri 9am-4pm and Amanda from our BOP dispensary is available on 027 868 1321, Mon-Fri 9am-4pm or practitioner@manutukeherbs.co.nz

We are however affected by a shortage of bottles due to the worldwide demand for handsantizer. This has impacted our prescription availability, however we are in the process of receiving bottles from overseas as our NZ stockists are unable to supply within normal terms. Please be patient and aware that we may need to change how our products are supplied using what stock is available to us. However be assured we are doing our best to keep your prescriptions available.

Esther, Lisa, Christina, Mel and myself all wish you and your family well during this difficult time.  We are working hard to make sure we are here for you.  Keep in touch via facebook, instagram and email.  We appreciate you making us an essential in your home, without you we would not be here today.

The key to good health is keeping well, eating well, being mentally healthy and what a wonderful time to take stock of what really matters to you.  Historically natural medicine has shown it has a place in times like these.  For those of you who have respiratory issues please take care.  Get in touch if you need extra support.  Our Government is doing an amazing job at getting the tough stuff done and although we are all deeply affected, together we can make our little country stand out as united and full of awesome people like you!

Check out our blogs for what’s in my garden that might be in yours!  Back to basics everyone!

Take care, Amanda.